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Event information for the 2017 season will be posted here in earliest event first order. Please visit this page to obtain the most current scheduling information.

Free admission to all shows during the Friday Summer Concert Series!
All shows begin at 7pm unless otherwise indicated.


Note: Dates and Artists are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

July 7th - Milagro Saints
July 14th - Frank Bang & The Cook County Kings
July 21st - Kara Grainger
July 28th - Patrick Fitzsimmons
August 4th - Billy Hector
August 11th - Hollis Brown
August 18th - Danielia Cotton
August 25th - Peter Karp & The Roadshow

Please Note: rain policy for 2017. All shows will be at the Nicholson Pavilion in Dykstra Park. If there is a significant threat of inclement weather, the show will be held indoors at the Mohawk Ave School Auditorium at 7pm. Please check the home page on the day of each show for updated information regarding postponement or relocation.


August 11 - Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown is an American Rock ‘n’ Roll band.  Named after a Bob Dylan song (“The Ballad of Hollis Brown”), the band was formed by Queens-natives and songwriters Mike Montali (lead vocals/guitar) and Jonathan Bonilla (lead guitar).  Both 2nd-generation immigrants (Italian-American and Puerto Rican-American, respectively), they soon found their musical brethren across America, recruiting Andrew Zehnal (drums) from Cleveland, Adam Bock (keyboard/vocals) from St. Louis, and Brian Courage (bass) from Long Island.

 Hollis Brown’s current single “Run Right To You” was released on 7” vinyl in October 2016 on Velvet Elk/One Little Indian records. Their song “Steady Ground” is a featured exclusive on Amazon’s playlist Amazon Acoustics. The band’s vinyl EP, Cluster of Pearls (Alive Naturalsound Records), was chosen as one of the 300 select releases throughout the world for Record Store Day 2016.  Pressed on Starburst Vinyl, the record is limited to 800 copies and features four previously unreleased tracks and two songs released on vinyl for the first time. It was released digitally on iTunes in August 2016. Cluster of Pearls follows up the 2015 release of Hollis Brown's third album 3 Shots (Jullian Records/RED), featuring the Bo Diddley collaboration “Rain Dance,” and the duet “Highway 1” with acclaimed alt-country songstress Nikki Lane. 

 The edgy, roots-rock indie band from Queens, NY, known for its adrenaline fueled performances, wrapped 40+ amphitheater shows across America supporting Counting Crows and Citizen Cope in 2015, followed by a month-long  headline tour in the UK and Europe. Last summer/fall, the band embarked on a headlining tour across the US and Europe, including performances at Firefly Music Festival, WFPK “Live Lunch,”  Audiotree, and Studio 10 Live. 

This summer Hollis Brown will be touring across the US including stops at Mountain Jam, Karoondinha Festival, and more.

The independent act has achieved a significant amount of success since their formation in 2009.  They released their debut album Ride On The Train on Alive Naturalsound in 2013 (produced by Adam Landry), garnering song and video premieres from Rolling Stone, Paste, and American Songwriter, along with music placements in the worldwide trailer for the Michael Keaton film “The Founder,” the Willem Dafoe/Matt Dillon film “Bad Country,” Direct TV's "Kingdom," Showtime’s “Shameless,” MTV’s “Real World,” and an online ad campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch.  Following a Lou Reed tribute concert in NYC, Alive Naturalsound asked the band to record a tribute to the Velvet Underground’s classic album Loaded, as a limited-edition vinyl release for Record Store Day 2014.  Hollis Brown Gets Loaded took on a life of its own, with airplay on influential radio stations, resulting in a full CD & digital release. 

 The band has toured extensively in America and Europe, headlining and supporting such bands as The Zombies, Jackie Greene, Heartless Bastards, Rich Robinson of Black Crowes, and Jesse Malin, and building an impressive fan base on both continents. 

Opening act is Don Elliker  Acoustic folk blues singer and guitarist from Sparta NJ


August 18th - Danielia Cotton

Music has gotten so stingy. At its finest, it’s the voice of the people, but for those who are searching for more than a beat and a hook, more often than not we’re left wanting; wondering if anyone has anything at all to say. Cue Danielia Cotton. Cotton is a gutsy artist with a story to tell. Her music screams, “Hell yeah, I’ve got something to say.” It’s transformative. She recycles all the blessing and pain in life into this beauty…note after note, set after set she pours it out like an offering or A Prayer.

“Demographers, beware: Danielia Cotton doesn't fit neatly into any box. She's an African American, from a nearly all-white town in New Jersey. She's a singer and songwriter who can sound like a blues balladeer on one track, and a hard-rock wailer on the next.” - NPR

Cotton’s childhood was spent in the Sourland Mountains in Hopewell, NJ. She is music legacy. Her mother and aunts were all professional vocalists and music was in her blood. Cotton started performing in her teens. Early on she began veering from the gospel and jazz/blues of her mother and aunts finding greater allure in rock legends like, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, and Todd Rundgren and soul and R&B royalty like, Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway. Cotton began crafting her own sound; an eclectic mix of the stuff that shaped her and the stuff that called her.

“Cotton brings a freshness to the soul-rock formula, not to mention a contagious fervor that is near irresistible.” – Los Angeles Times

Cotton left Hopewell for Manhattan and began performing in venues like The Bitter End and The Cutting Room. She was making connections in NYC’s music scene. Those connections led her to Kevin Salem of Chocolate Genius who would produce her first full length album, Small White Town. Shortly prior to its release she was selected as an Artist to Watch by WXPN out of Philadelphia. So, despite the move to Manhattan and attempting to get her feet wet there, she found herself headed south again; fully immersed in Philly’s music scene. 

“…an honest-to-God voice with real power, conviction, emotion and soul.” – Boston Herald

On the heels of Small White Town, 2005 Cotton parted ways with Anthony Liberatore of HipShake Music. With the freedom to shape her own vision and direction; she released critically acclaimed Rare Child, 2008 as a true indie artist followed by Gun in Your Hand, 2012 (another collaborative effort with Kevin Salem) in relatively quick succession. Cotton is no stranger to the classic rock ‘n roll story...she’s lived some life; seen and been through some serious shit and this, this powerful body of work is what she did with it. 

“…with blaring, guitar-charged, Southern-rooted rock that links her to Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Black Crowes, Janis Joplin, Aerosmith and the rockier side of Bonnie Raitt. She’s a belter who can hold back or work her way up to a gospelly blues-rock shout, and in the songs she writes with her band’s brawny guitar riffs, she grapples with the road, salvation, holding on and letting go.” – New York Times

This new offering, A Prayer marks the end of a tumultuous season in Cotton’s life. A season that brought her to her roots and to her knees. Cotton is wrestling with her fears; dragging them out “into the light of day”. She’s raw and real; and completely unfettered. She’s reborn in Afraid to Burn letting go and deciding it’s ok. There is a spiritual element to A Prayerthat is unlike anything else we’ve heard from her. Yes, her music has always had a touch of it. It’s at the core of her beginnings both personally and musically, but this is something new. Cotton isn’t hinting at it she is declaring it in your face and placing it at your feet


August 25th - Peter Karp & The Roadshow


Peter Karp Returns to Sparta Summer Concerts

Peter John Downing Karp is an American roots/blues singersongwriter, guitarist and pianist. Peter Karp is a multiinstrumentalist whose Roots Rock style, mixed with Blues and
Folk humor, give a unique and unusual look at life’s sometimes happy, sometimes sad reality.
Karp was born in Leonia, NJ. His father John was a military pilot and his mother Ruth was a copywriter and avid music fan. His stepmother Ruth Turner was an African American woman from the lowlands of South Carolina. By the time he was 8 his mother had taken him to see many of the popular musicians of the day. (The Beatles, The Stones, The Animals, The Temps, The Supremes, etc.). Living with his father in a trailer park in Alabama, he heard southern “race” radio playing Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Howlin’ Wolf and regional country music. His love for this music would lead him to Dylan, Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and other rock luminaries of the day. He started to play the accordion at 7, the guitar and piano at 15. 
Peter began his professional music career as a songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist with the critically acclaimed, seminal art-blues-punk band “They Came From Houses”. Karp became disillusioned with the music business, folded the band, walked away and began working in the film industry. He continued working in music, directing, producing and playing with musicians Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Johnson, Don Henley, Michael Brecker, Richie Havens, The Jacksons, Ric Ocasik and Jackson Brown.
Peter became deeply interested in the rich African American culture that has flourished for over 200 years in South Carolina’s South Sea Islands. Influenced by his stepmother, he immersed himself in learning about the Gullah and its musical roots, taking trips into and filming the South Sea Islands where the original Geechee language is still spoken. His song “Geechee Geechee Wawa” is based on those experiences. 
Peter returned to performing with the life perspective he was seeking. In 1998 he made “Live At The American Roadhouse” a collection of original songs that included “Moments,” a song picked up and re-recorded for a JVC commercial. Karp then released “Roadshow” which received positive national reviews. Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor became aware of Peter after a DJ has sent him some rough recordings of songs. Taylor flew to the US to play guitar on Peter’s next record “The Turning Point.” Mick also toured with Peter. “Songwriters like Peter Karp, James Taylor and Bob Dylan embody Americana music – I’m a fan,” says Mick. One show at The Bottom Line in NYC was recorded but not released until 2016. “The Turning Point” tour brought Peter into the national spotlight, and he was signed by Blind Pig Records. “Shadows and Cracks” was released in 2007 to overwhelming critical success. After touring in support of the album, fate intervened when Peter’s Mary Lou was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Peter quit the road to spend the last remaining months of her life with her and their children. 
While on the road, Peter met Canadian guitarist/singer/songwriter Sue Foley. Karp and Foley had kept in touch through letters. The struggles of touring, drinking and the death of Peter’s wife were chronicled in these letters which became the basis for the album Peter and Sue would record together “He Said – She Said.” The album went to the top of the Blues/Roots charts and entered the billboard charts at #5. Critics hailed the partnership as unique magic. Their 2nd release, “Beyond The Crossroads” also met with rave reviews.
In 2016, the tapes of the show at The Bottom Line in NYC with Mick Taylor were released by Peter as the album “The Arson’s Match.” It’s part of a charity project he started in honor of his late wife to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. The album has received radio airplay, award nominations, and positive reviews. Peter has been steadily writing new songs and recording, with final touches being put on several new releases.
The FREE concert is Friday 8/25th at 7PM. Rain or shine at The Nicholson Pavilion, Dykstra Park, 22 Woodport Road, Sparta. Check for more information, especially after 2pm on Friday to learn whether or not the show has been moved indoors to the MAS due to inclement weather.


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