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You may use this page to provide an email address to be added to our event list. Future event information will be sent to the address in the event list.

You can also remove an address you previously provided. See the below 'delete email' checkbox - select Yes to indicate you would to have the address removed.

The address you submit will be added to the Google Groups 'SpartaArts-fans' but first you'll receive an email from that group asking you to confirm your wish to be added. Once you are added, the email group is a read-only membership. Many of the subscribers may not welcome email from other group members so this group is restricted to information diseminated by SCAC members regarding events, not subjects of a non-SCAC nature. If you have a strong reason for sending an email to the entire group, please contact with the request & we will work with you. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your interest in receiving information on future events.

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